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ErrandSolutions.NG is Nigeria’s fast-evolving Logistics and Delivery Service firm at the heart of Lagos, the commercial nerve center of Nigeria.


We provided tailored logistic solutions that clearly deliver value to your business and your customers through expedited delivery, guaranteed security, and apparent connection between your people and your process.


We connect as a third-party logistics plug into your business operations to provide effective support that enables you to fulfill your brand promise and do more with less.


Our connection with your people, systems, and operations helps us to align our value propositions to create a uniquely superior customer experience for every customer we connect for you.


We readily connect to the value drivers of new generation online and e-commerce businesses through our technology strategy and social connect infrastructure for seamless bookings and order-taking; this inherently complements your capacity to deliver your service through your sales and supply chain channels.


We are your Household and Family support system for errands, grocery shopping, and mail delivery.


We are intentional about our humans as we support them to thrive on their job through well-deserved welfare and engagements strategies as we comply with industry regulations; so should want to join our team in nearest future, you can be sure you will be in for a ride.

Our Vision

We will become Nigeria’s most seamless Household and Business errands service firm

Our Mission

  • Provide the efficient customer-oriented logistics service to Nigeria SMEs and Households
  • Empower our Clients to prosper with speed, and security experience connect
  • Engage our human resource as partners with strategic stake in the business of helping our clients’ businesses to thrive while they advance in their career


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